Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back to Dubai

Well, I'm preparing for my second trip to Dubai - and wondering how different it will be this year. I've heard that it's like a ghost town and that expats are being put in jail for not being able to pay their bills after losing their jobs. The UAE does not tolerate personal debt very well apparently. At any rate, I will be reunited with my five comrades for a week of forum sessions and a workshop, plus a lot of fun. These are great people and we really bonded last year and last summer. Looking forward to working together again now that we know each other. Makes a big difference! In addition to working, we will be skiing at Ski Dubai again, and I am excited about making time to hit the desert and ride on a camel. Betsy and I are determined to spend some time on the beach, too. Not many places (if any?) where you can go to the desert, snow ski and lay out on the beach all in the same day! More from the road....

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