Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm here....and first meal

Okay, I made it. Loooong flight but at least I was on a 777 where even coach you have personal video on demand. Watched some good movies, loved Juno and August Rush. The male star in August Rush reminds me of my nephew Shane (I will have to post a picture of him when I return).

Unfortunately, my bag did not make it – are we seeing a pattern here? That is it for me ever checking a bag on an international flight again. The good news is that 1) I found three people who were on my fight who are part of our group, 2) unlike some other people who did not get their bags, there was already a message about mine coming in tomorrow nite on a KLM flight, and 3) they had Captain Morgan’s dark Jamaican rum in the duty free shop. It could certainly be worse. I have my necessities in my backpack so I’m okay for a day. I may have to go buy something for a meeting tomorrow afternoon. Darn, I so hate to shop….

The bad news (other than the obvious) is that I do not have my Myers and am therefore forced to drink above mentioned rum.

Even tho it is after 10 here (8 hours ahead of home), I decided I should eat something before dosing myself with Simply Sleep. Here is my dinner…the Oriental Mezze platter – with hummous, moutable, fattoush, tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves and Arabic bread. I ate all of it except the yellow stuff. And even tasted that. Considering I barely ate anything native on my last international trip to China, I think I am doing pretty darn good. Rob should be proud since the most often word he heard from me on that trip was "ewwwww."

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The Buzzardcheater said...

Glad you got there in one piece, even without your bag. Let's see a picture of you in a burka on a camel.

My motto regarding food: Try everything and get seconds on the good stuff. Haw.