Thursday, April 3, 2008


Last nite we attended a reception that we thought was set up for the vendors and us, but of course by the time it ended we had made it our own...

We didn't start out thinking we would have a good time. Betsy had our evening planned for shopping and dinner, but those plans went down the tube when we found out about the reception that was scheduled for 8:00. 8:00! That's a little late for a reception, but we knew we needed to attend. But when we got there at 8:00, we were told that it was actually scheduled for 9:00! 9:00 of course then became 9:30 or 10:00. We basically talked our way in early and began drinking wine and beer - almost a full hour before things were supposed to begin. It was a huge room and we hadn't seen that many vendors at our forum/conference. But lo and behold, by 9:00 it started filling up. We decided that the vendors must have included all of the vendors at the various education events here in the hall. The place was packed.

And then the "entertainment" began. A DJ and of course the obligatory belly dancer! Needless to say, our group had great fun with all of this - and the pictures only represent a portion of the dancing that took place. And after the belly dancing, the place cleared out except for a couple of tables, ours being one of them. We danced until our legs were aching and had the place to ourselves. We even did the Chicken Dance. Leaving some great impressions in Dubai. It was another bonding event for the team. :)

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