Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Abra

After the forum closed, six of us headed to Dubai Creek and the traditional (read "old" Dubai) souqs - shops. After a rather long taxi ride (the traffic can be horrendous at certain times of the day), we were dropped off near the abra (flat bottom wooden taxi boats) landing so that we could take an abra to the other side of the creek where the souks are located. The abras are something to experience. It costs 1 dh to ride - that's about 30 cents or so. Everyone piles on and away you go! After we went shopping (more about that in the next post), we got back on an abra and as we got close to the landing, the driver asked if we would like him to take us on a tour of the creek. Just us for 60 dh - about 20 bucks. Of course we said YES! Chris even got to drive - and we are all afraid. At one point we asked how much it would be if we wanted to buy the abra. The driver said 2000 dh - that's about $500 US!!! We pondered the idea of buying it and presenting it to Don with ISTE written on the top, but we didn't have a trailer - LOL! I think I terrified the driver when I put my arm around him for a photo...Oh, and the photo of Chris was supposed to represent the Titanic scene although it certainly doesn't look like it. I'm surprised we weren't arrested, quite frankly!

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