Saturday, April 5, 2008

Souq Madinet Jumeriah

After skiing, Betsy and I took a cab to the Madinet Jumeriah resort. The resort houses two luxury hotels (where of course we were not staying :), and a Souq mall. This mall, unlike the more local mall we hit Thursday nite, includes much more Arabic detailing in the architecture, and less haggling if any. We shopped for a while and then realized we were starving. So we had a nice lunch (I had a giant prawn salad on sauteed veggies and Betsy had a lovely fish dish) with a couple of beers. You don't get to order alcohol at many places. I took a pic of the mall and a pic of the abras -- VERY different than those at the Dubai Creek. This is more like a Disneyland area but we still managed to drop a few Dh (not sure if I mentioned before but the exchange is 3.67 Dh to 1 US dollar). Interesting that the abbreviation for their currency happens to be my initials...hmmmm.

There was an excellent view of the Burj Al Arab hotel from the mall, so I snapped a few pics there. The photos don't do it justice...this thing is massive. Helicopter pad toward the top along with the restaurant we couldn't get into (it was booked all week). Betsy and I decided that we would make reservations next year 3 or 4 months before our trip. Smart thinkers us gals...

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