Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ski Dubai!

This was the most incredible thing I think I have ever done: snow skiing indoors! Ski Dubai is the largest indoor snow park in the world and contains 12,000 tons of manufactured snow. There are basically four runs and a quad lift. One of the runs is a black (or so they say - it didn't seem like it to me but it was still fun) that is about a quarter mile. The only indoor black diamond run in the world. Pretty wild! Betsy, Sam, Hall and I ventured out for this activity. For about $60 you get jacket, pants, boots, skis, throw away socks, and two hours of skiing. If you don't bring your own, you can buy inexpensive hats and gloves (that are not very warm we discovered) at the shop next door. I had done my research on this one so I brought my own socks, gloves, a turtle neck, and my beloved puppy ski hat. I think we all must have said "This is so cool," a thousand times. Two hours has never gone by so fast, but my calves certainly feel like it was two hours! We calculated that it took about 6-8 minutes (no lift lines!) to get to the top and then ski down so I guess we made about 10 runs or so. I took a video which is not the best quality but is fun to watch - it's too big for this blog so I'm working on reducing the size so that I can post (noted Hall quote in the video - "No skiing for women, only dog :).

This picture is of what the structure looks like from the outside. Amazing.
And Ski Dubai is attached to the Mall of the Emirates so shoppers can watch the action (and you can shop when you're finished skiing :).

As a result of us having such a blast, several of our colleagues plan to do it next year. I'm definitely in for a second trip!

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